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Mission & History

The RINO Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit organization, the official missions arm of RINO Global Solutions. The RINO Foundation empowers sustainability and significance in marginalized communities worldwide through successful projects accomplished by volunteers and partners.

How does the RINO Foundation function on a practical basis? We invest in community improvement projects, micro grants, water and sustainable agriculture projects, housing, healthcare etc. Such as, water well repairs in Africa, mobile medical clinic in Haiti, housing construction projects in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, education grants or school supplies in the DR, to mention just a few initiatives.

How does the RINO Foundation live out its mission? We provide children and communities access to better education, the gift of play by building playgrounds, building schools, teacher training, scholarship grants for secondary school and college/trade school, building churches, ministry leadership development, restoring human dignity by providing pathways to citizenship and certified identity, etc.